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Halle Tropisme, Montpellier, France

September 2023

Mutante was born as an artistic response to transformative life experiences and their impact
on the inner and outer self. The artists present the theme in different techniques: digitally modified photography, ceramics and installation. Malu and Soledad Cosentino seek to evoke
internal and external transformations, respectively, as well as predictable or random dualities, benevolent or heartbreaking, which arise from the migratory experience.
Mutante explores the limits of adaptation between one's own experience and the environment, the evolution that emerges at this meeting point and seeks to take the viewer on a introspective journey of contrasts.


Soledad Cosentino is a ceramist and illustrator of Ateliers Tropisme (under the name “Terra Mate”).
Of Argentinian origin, she has a doctorate in molecular biology and navigates between the world of science and art. Her work is influenced by nature and by his Latin American origins. After 9 years of work in scientific research creating and observing mutants, her artistic approach is full of images recorded under the microscope and of imaginary organisms, animal and vegetal at the same time.
For this exhibition, she presents 3 ceramic works of mutants at 3 different magnifications: 1X
(actual size), 10X (to distinguish tissues) and 100X (to distinguish cells).
Adaptation to the changing environment, random transformations, as well as collaboration and interspecific competition inspires these works. A changing decision can change an entire balance natural and generate chaos, something as terrifying as chance.


Malu is a visual arts director from Argentina, with a solid academic background and practice in the arts. Her work is marked by a sociological perspective anchored in his education and her multicultural experience. This training gave her the ability to merge digital art with
analog elements, mixing her experiences lived across different countries and moments of life that becomes an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Her work is a redefinition of the traditional approach of the image. By mixing photography and digital drawing, she creates a dimension that goes beyond the classic media, encouraging the viewer to explore the multiple facets and possible interpretations of each work. The important thing is not so much the space represented, but the atmosphere of a captured moment which leaves its mark on it. Collage, photography and digital drawing allow her to transform the familiar into something innovative, offering a multidimensional vision of reality. The art that she present is based on transmutation, the profound transformation of essence. This play with the image evokes this multifaceted and transformative nature of life, the migrant's journey and the constant experience of
transformation that this implies.



Red earthenware, underglazes and glazes.
Fired at 980°C in an electric kiln.
70 x 40 x 5 cm
Soledad Cosentino, 2023



Red earthenware, underglazes and glazes. 

Fired at 980°C in an electric kiln.

70 x 40 x 5 cm

Soledad Cosentino, 2023



Red earthenware, underglazes and glazes.

Fired at 980°C in an electric kiln.

60 x 40 x 5 cm

Soledad Cosentino, 2023

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